Sunday, 24 July 2016

#SFIndiaTour Experience with Zachary Jeans

Hey everyone, after a long time I am posting a blog, this post is all about the Salesforce India Tour. This journey can never had happened without Zachary Jeans, because of Zachary we got the chance to see different Salesforce user groups of India, this post is all about the journey of Zachary and the Indian Salesforce geeks. It was a long journey of a month, India has many, some small and big Salesforce user groups, Zachary has gone to each of'em and covered them all, shared every single moment from the delicious street food of Delhi to waiting for a cab in Bangalore, Zachary has done it all to give us a picture of diversity in India and love of people to Salesforce.

How did it all started ?
Zachary asked for the list of names of all Salesforce user group, we collected the name of the all the leaders, then Zach conducted a meeting with all of'em, and gave us a picture of how he wants to execute it. Thanks to all the leaders and members who were happy to put their effort and time to make this journey successful.

Here are the places where he has gone and helped in conducting Salesforce meetup, isn't that huge !!

How did it went ?
It was big and time taking, we waited and planned for almost 2 month before the tour starts and every single person was trying to make it big, and that's what happened, we made it. I am sharing few moments of the journey from different places. Where we ( Indian Salesforce User Group Leaders and Members ) conducted meetup, and did it all to promote India's WIT, because of that in India we have 10 Salesforce WIT groups.

Here it begins

The most interactive and excited group of Salesforce in the heart of India is in Delhi, journey started from Delhi where Atul Gupta ( New Delhi User Group Leader ) and Abhinav Gupta where gave the awesome start to the journey.
Thanks to Atul for making it possible.

Noida was the next destination after delhi, where Vinay Chaturvedi ( Noida User Group Leader ) was eagerly waiting for Zach, and you can see in the picture how it went. Abhinav Gupta ( Salesforce MVP ) was there to cheer all the members of the group.There is a brief blogpost by Vinay on how it went here.
Thanks to Vinay for making it incredible.

Jaipur is the new tech corner of Salesforce in India, from where we have two Salesforce MVP's Ankit Arora and Abhinav Gupta, Jaipur is always great if we talk about Salesforce meetups and when Jaipur gets a chance to have a meetup, they do it amazingly.

I belong to Bangalore Developer User Group and with proud I can say that we are the largest Salesforce Developer User Group in the World, we have huge number of participants in every single meetup, and when there is a great reason to have one, we make it always big. Thanks to Madan Khichi to make it big and awesome.

Kerala is in the south of India, where Shivanath Devinarayan (Salesforce MVP) was waiting. In Kerala with the help of Shivanath, they did blood donation camp and Salesforce meetups, check out the great moments of gods own country Kerala.
A big thanks to Dazeworks and Shiv for sponsoring the Salesforce India meetup.

Hyderabad is the next biggest Salesforce User group in India, thanks to Vishwa Vikas for his contribution in adding up the great moments to Salesforce India Tour.

Pune is a big tech hub in India, where we have another User group as well, Parth Vasani is the user group leader of Pune, and it went as awesome as everywhere.

Mumbai also we have an amazing user group, people were excited for the tour.

Other places...
Here are the moments from different other places where tour was conducted. Tour was conducted in Gurgaon, Nagpur, Kolkata, Ajmer and Chennai.

Here is the places where Zachary and user group members went to the NGOs to spend some time with them, below picture are from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Ahemadabad.

Last but not the least Salesforce India WIT groups, which is growing so fast, and people are coming in front to promote it. After the tour 5 new official WIT groups has been registered. Zachary has encourage us allot to promote WITs in India.

Here is my special picture with Zachary, it was awesome to meet you in person, without you it would have never happened, Thanks for all your time and effort. You showed us how we can grow as a community.Thanks for encouraging WIT and SF leaders, hope we can do it again, Every one loved meeting you and listening to you. 

Thanks to APTTUS who was the platinum sponsor of the Salesforce India Tour, thank you so much all of you who made it possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Sunday, 10 April 2016


The Salesforce Spring'16 released with a long list of changes. As a developer, the changes that most excite me are generally those that are covered in the Development and Deployment categories of the Salesforce release notes.

Test Suites for Apex Test Classes

Salesforce has now added the option Suite to group unit test classes into test have test classes which you run every time while you preparing for deployment. Now, with this new feature, you can create test suite which contains those set of classes. Also, you can create or modify test suites that contain up to 200 test classes using the Developer console.

To create a Test Suite using Developer console : Select Test | New Suite.

Enter a name for your Test Suite.

To choose which classes are in a test suite, select Test | Suite Manager | Your Test Suite | Edit Suite.

Once you select your test classes(it will we more than one also), click on save button. After this to run your test class which you have selected, click on Test | New Suite Run.

Select the Test Suite you want to run and then click on your right corner button "Run Suite".

After clicking on Run Suite, you can see you result here:

Now you have created the test suite and executed your test classes. Isn't that easy..!!

Set and Modify CreatedDate field of the Tests Records

There is a new method has been introduced System.Test.setCreatedDate. You can change your records created date in the test class. This method we can utilize to test the scenarios where we are using created dates of a record.

Here is the example of how to use this method.

1:  Account a = new Account(name='myAccount');  
2:  insert a;  
3:  Test.setCreatedDate(a.Id, DateTime.newInstance(2012,12,12));  

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

VisualForce Basics

  • It is a mark-up language same as html.
  • It will be easier for the salesforce developers once they know how to combine the VisualForce  page with Apex.
  • It is much easier to learn compare to Apex.

MVC Pattern in Visualforce Page

The Model is simply the underlying database. In Visualforce, it’s the collection of Salesforce objects and fields that we had represent and modify in our page.

The View is the code that makes up our page’s UI. Here, it’s all of our Visualforce, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.

The Controller is the middle layer between the model and the view. It’s the Apex code that interacts with the database according to the view’s needs.

Where to write Visualforce Code?

For writing your first code in Visualforce Page, you need to start from here:

Step 1: Turn Development mode on in your user detail page.
             Your Name >> My Settings >> Personal >> Advanced User Details

Check both boxes and save it. This enables a VisualForce editor whenever you view your VisualForce page.

Step 2: Create a new VisualForce page
             Setup >> Develop >> Pages >> New 

Step 3: Click the New button and started writing your VisualForce code.

Step 4: Click the Preview button to open up the Visualforce editor.

Visualforce Tags

Here are the VisualForce tags that are used commonly in our visualforce development. We will discuss all the visualforce tags in my next blog.






































<apex:SectionHeader >






Hope this helps you.  Happy Coding :)